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Should You Settle Your Car Accident Lawsuit or Go to Trial?

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The decision to settle your car accident case outside or go to trial is totally depends upon the opposite party (at-fault). If they are ready to pay you the deserving compensation, the car accident lawsuit is settle down outside the court. But when the responsible party offers too less or denies paying the amount, Houston personal injury attorney find it the only option to go to a jury trial.

After you had a car accident, your medical bills start pulling up, moreover if an injury is serious, you lose job which ultimately left your family in financial strain. If you or your loved one is badly injured in a car accident, it is your right to seek the compensation for the expenses, damages and losses.

What is the Right Worth of My Car Accident Settlement?

You must be wondering how to know whether the offered amount is right or not? No two situations are alike therefore there is no perfect answer for it without considering the following factors such as victim injuries, age, medical history, family dependency, earning capacity and more. In addition, the police, insurance agency or the Car Accident Lawyers Houston will try to find out reason of accident, whether you were following the traffic rules, wearing helmet while riding, car speed, drinking while driving and so on.

Settlement or Go to Trial?

If the opposite party offering low-ball on the table, it is better to go to trial. You might find $1000 an attractive amount but our experience Houston personal injury lawyers can seek high amount depending upon the situation. Our lawyers can evaluate the case and deals with both insurance company and at-fault party on your behalf. You may think that your insurance company is helping you by paying the amount but it is not always so. Most of the times they offer lower than the deserving amount to the victims. Get a free consultation today!

Ask any Houston car accident lawyer and they’ll tell you the same thing – settling your car accident lawsuit early will almost always result in you receiving less money than if you had gone to trial and won. This may seem strange at first glance, but there are a few things you should know about insurance companies that can help explain this phenomenon. Once you have all the facts, it’s up to you to decide whether or not going to trial is worth it for your case.

Why you should consider going to trial

Because you’re taking a risk when settling your case, there’s value in knowing that you did everything possible to get as much money as possible. After all, if you settle and later find out that a jury would have awarded you more, it will be too late.

Reason #1: If your injuries are too severe

It’s not your fault you were injured, but it is your responsibility to hire a lawyer who can fight for you and get you what you deserve. If that means settling out of court, so be it. But don’t settle unless a settlement is in your best interest; there’s no shame in accepting an offer from an insurance company if that company really believes it has something to lose at trial.

Reason #2: The other driver isn’t insured

If you get in a car accident and only one of you is insured, then it’s unlikely that any settlement can cover your damages. If you have insurance, on the other hand, then you’ll be able to put some money toward damages—regardless of whether or not your insurer offers a settlement. Having full coverage also protects you against lawsuits if someone else involved in an accident with you is uninsured.

Reason #3: The insurance company wants to settle

The insurance company can only pay so much money on a car accident lawsuit, and when they’ve reached their limit, they have no choice but to settle. If you choose not to settle your car accident lawsuit, it could go to trial. Going through a trial involves more work for both parties—more phone calls from lawyers, more meetings in court with dates set months in advance and so on.

Reason #4: There isn’t enough evidence

The insurance company may claim that it’s unclear how you were injured and what caused your accident. However, if you have photos from immediately after your accident, medical records showing your condition, and expert witnesses who can testify about how your injuries are consistent with an accident (which also explains why you couldn’t just be making it up), then there is no reason for you not to go to trial. Always choose a jury trial over settling when there isn’t enough evidence in favor of settling.

Hire a car accident lawyer in Houston

After a car accident, it’s wise to consult with an attorney. In some states, hiring one is mandatory. If you hire an attorney too early, though, you may be stuck with legal bills if your case is settled quickly and you don’t have time to file a lawsuit. Remember that there are deadlines for filing lawsuits and that filing fees range from $75 up into six figures depending on your state’s laws. File too late and your claim could be denied altogether.

It is best to get car accident lawyer in Houston to help you with the car lawsuit.